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Friday, December 23, 2011

São Paulo - Florianópolis day 6 / dia 6

Everything comes to an end. This was the last day of our journey. Luciene said she is happy everything went OK, but sad because it's over. I'm quite sure I'll be doing more ecotrips in the future.

We set off at 9:15 from Balneário Camburiu and we arrived at Joaquina beach at 4:15 pm.  It was another boiling day. This leg was a 105 Km in a total riding time of 5 hours, our average speed increased, we pedaled at 23 Km/hour on the road.

When we arrived in Florianópolis we went over the bridge, instead of taking the pedestrian route under it, all of a sudden there were two police officers telling me that I couldn't use the bridge, I replied that there was no warning, he said I couldn't again. Then I asked him to escort us and he agreed to. He asked us where we were coming from and got really surprised when I told him. I think I do not quite believe we made it.

Thank you to everyone who believed in and supported us, especially to Total Bike, that was a great partner in this endeavor.

"Thank you to Davi for the great opportunity of being his companion in this wonderful journey." Luciene

Tudo chega a um fim. Este foi o último dia de nossa jornada. Luciene diz estar feliz que tudo correu bem, mas triste porque acabou. Tenho certeza que farei mais ecoturismo no futuro. 

 Partimos as 9:15 de Balneário Camburiu e chegamos as 16:15 na praia da Joaquina. Foi outro dia muito quente. Este percurso foi de 105 km em um tempo total pedalado de 5 horas. A nossa velocidade média aumentou, e  foi de 23 Km/hora na estrada. 

Quando chegamos em Florianópolis, nós passamos por cima da ponte, ao invez de pegar a rota dos pedestres debaixo da mesma. De repente surgiram 2 policiais avisando que não podiamos pegar a ponte. Eu respondi para ele que não haviam avisos. Então pedi a ele que nos escoltasse e ele concordou. Ele perguntou de onde estavamos vindo e ficou surpreso de fato quando eu lhe disse que vinhamos de São Paulo. Acho que não acredito muito que conseguimos chegar.

Agradeço a todos que acreditaram e apoiaram, especialmente a Total Bike, que foi um grande parceiro nessa missão.

"Obrigado ao Davi pela ótima oportunidade de acompnha-lo nesta maravilhosa viagem." Luciene


  1. Daviiid! Parabeeens pela viageeem, impressionante! Estou muito feliz e acompanhei dia a dia sua jornada.

    eestou muito contente por todo o percurso que foi maravilhosooo!


    Mariana (do tucho...hahahha)

    ps: direto da colombia

  2. Lu, PARABÉNS!!



  3. Well done! Congratulations!!! It was a great adventure... Merry Xmas!

    Marcelo Rodrigues (InCor)

  4. Obrigado Mariana, Marlus e Marcelo. Foi um passeio muito gostoso. Um feliz natal para vocês.


    Todos estamos orgulhosos do seu achieve. Chegamos até a duvidar que voces conseguiriam. Realmente, foi impressionante!

    Haja perna hein??

    Chegaram a ter caimbras? Precisou tomar algum analgésico?

    Mais uma vez Parabéns,

    beijos, até a volta.


    (mari e familia)



  7. Insights about Sao Paulo to Florianopolis by Bicycle

    Some days have passed since we completed our bicycle journey and some insights came up in my mind. It is a good time to reflect about what I done.
    Since I was 24 years old I started to travel to different parts of the world. I did alone the majority of my trips maybe because it is always difficult to get people with the same wishes you have and mainly because the people’s time is different. It is difficult to conciliate the free time of the friends. The fact of being a single woman can facilitate things but, on the other hand, could be a hindrance to travel around but it wasn't.
    Talking specifically about this bike journey I felt myself as a winner. This time I wasn’t alone. I was invited to be part of a personal project and it was a lovely experience. After read all e-mails of my family and friends I realized that I did something difficult or, at least, uncommon. It wasn’t really difficult for me. I don’t know explain why but I have some clues about this:
    - adventure is inside me
    - freedom is my soul
    - physical challenges always attracted me
    - external trips are truly for internal development

    When I try to remember about each day that we had I remember the heat, the pain in my legs and in my knees but mainly about the wind in my face, the songs I heard, the smiles, the good connection with my partner, about crying because of stressing moments with my partner but also on our attempts to make things be better. I remember the long hills to ride up but also the freshness of chilled water from the waterfall that brought me relief and energy to move on. I remember the pleasure of the good showers after a day of dust and pollution. The good bed to sleep in the very simple hotel on the road. I remember the pleasure of sharing good music, song videos, good lunches and dinners and conversations we had after a long day riding the bicycle.
    This type of travel changes my feelings and always makes me think about the way I understand the people and the world. When I am in trips like this I feel like being myself without rules or pressure. I feel myself comfortable, I respect and listen to my feelings.
    Do you know what? I found a good way to get my balance. I feel myself part of the universe and I can’t imagine anything going wrong because the connection is intense and real.
    I wish that people can find things to help then to connect with themselves and I am sure they would be happier as I feel today! I think I will never stop!

  8. Obrigada Marlus, Marcelo, Pestana! Foi uma grande conquista!
    Tomamos miosan (relaxante muscular) somente nas duas primeiras noites, mas depois foi ok! Grande abraco e feliz Ano Novo! Luciene.