Sunday, December 18, 2011

São Paulo - Florianópolis, day 2 / dia 2

We woke up to a lovely flat tire. Actually, the day was beautiful and breakfast was plentiful. Thanks for asking. At 9 we checked out

Afterward, we changed the tube in front of the hotel while many curious people asking us where we were going with our fancy bikes. If only he knew what a fancy bike cost, he wouldn't have said that. By the way, the bikes we used are 14 times cheaper than the 10 pound bikes made of carbon fiber. They are good enough for the trip we are doing though. So, we used the finger print technique to spot if there were any sharp object to puncture the tube again. There was this tiny wire. We removed it and took advantage to clean the tire which had been exposed to fresh pavement and tiny stones. We put it together and went to the gas station to fill it up.

At the gas station we set the pressure to 65.  So, there we are, ready to start and in less than a minute we hear a boom. Second flat tire of the day. Gotta love changing tires.

Finally on the road, after wasting an hour, we noticed the third flat tire. This time we double checked and we discovered the location of the hole. It was not on an ordinary place, it was on the inside, next to the rim. That made us clean everything, in order to be sure that no stone  (logical conclusion) had been left. We used some cloth.

It was soooooo  pleasant to change the tube again. But, relax there was only one more flat tire today. We noticed it when we were stopped for snack at a gas station. After that we stayed for lunch. It was hot and we waited until 3:30 to leave.

Today our total distance wasn't nearly as good as yesterday. 75 Km today in 3:25 (pedaling length)

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