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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Do I get a certificate?

How many times have you been to a bike shop? How many times for simple maintenance, things that you could have done or might have done badly if you did indeed do them. There are so many fine tunings to get your bike rolling well. 

That's why I attended a short course on bike maintenance, nothing that advanced as I don't claim to be a pro in any way, I just love to ride my bicycle everywhere. It was however very helpful to discover simple technics like checking the tires with your fingers to see if there was anything sharp which could flatten my tire right after I had fixed the tubes. Other basics such as fixing the chains and getting the gears and brakes all finely tuned. 

In the end of the course, I think I should have learnt more advanced settings, such as adjusting the spokes, cassette, crankset and dealing with the fork crown/headset. Thus, I should take it as a starting point. One that I knew something already, it's hard to come across a cyclist who hasn't changed a tube because of a flat tire. I have had all kinds of tough moments during my rides. It hasn't been greater than the pleasure I got from riding my bike though. 

Therefore, I stand more confident knowing that I am a step closer to complete my first long distance tour. Broken chain, you frighten me no more.

Ps. Contrary to the title, I do not believe at all that a certificate is more important than the knowledge of what you pursue. Certificates might burn, knowledge has the power to change the world.

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