Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why Cycling Everywhere?

Because life is too short to be stuck in traffic. When you leave home in the morning, it's very likely you are going to get stuck in traffic and feel even more stressed about it. Not only that but also we have to think about all the negative consequences that this brings to both, nature and society. Furthermore, getting to work, a place where you will be seated all day long, and getting more and more burnout.

The purpose of this blog is to help show the associated benefits of riding a bike to go to most places. Something which has not been difficult for this blogger and has also been a huge pleasure while allowing whoever decides to  do the same to feel healthier and more willing on a daily basis. Sharing experiences and learning every meaningful cycling experience possible from you dear readers.

Sure there are negative aspects of riding a bike, hence, getting wet in the rain or sweaty on the way to work. Nevertheless, there are solutions to overcome most of the drawbacks which a cyclist might face. And that's why this exchange of ideas is so important and interesting for all of us bike lovers.

That's why I hereby call you to join the revolution on two wheels and live a happier life, less stress more fit and able to make a difference to both environment and society as a whole. A healthier life is not only better for you but also allows you to have a better mood and conditioning. Let's be happy and love our bodies and one another.

I hope we can enjoy all the sharing and experiences we come by on two wheels.

Yours truly Davi.

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