Sunday, December 25, 2011

Why you should consider traveling by bike. - Porque viajar de bicicleta.

Destination: Lagoa da Conceição - Florianópolis, Brazil

Traveling is something everyone does these days. However, it wasn't always like that. If we lived before the 19th century, we probably would travel much less due to the time it took to go from place to place, the lack of fast transportation means and high cost.

Friday, December 23, 2011

São Paulo - Florianópolis day 6 / dia 6

Everything comes to an end. This was the last day of our journey. Luciene said she is happy everything went OK, but sad because it's over. I'm quite sure I'll be doing more ecotrips in the future.

We set off at 9:15 from Balneário Camburiu and we arrived at Joaquina beach at 4:15 pm.  It was another boiling day. This leg was a 105 Km in a total riding time of 5 hours, our average speed increased, we pedaled at 23 Km/hour on the road.

When we arrived in Florianópolis we went over the bridge, instead of taking the pedestrian route under it, all of a sudden there were two police officers telling me that I couldn't use the bridge, I replied that there was no warning, he said I couldn't again. Then I asked him to escort us and he agreed to. He asked us where we were coming from and got really surprised when I told him. I think I do not quite believe we made it.

Thank you to everyone who believed in and supported us, especially to Total Bike, that was a great partner in this endeavor.

"Thank you to Davi for the great opportunity of being his companion in this wonderful journey." Luciene

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

São Paulo - Florianópolis day 5 / dia 5

One can never celebrate before achieving resuts first. I meant to say that we are about to finish this trip.

As a result of arriving so late in Joinville, we ended up going to sleep at 4 am after having a awesome diner and a good shower. By the way, we have never spoken about how dirty we get after riding all day long on the highway, trust me we get filthy. 

My gears had been damaged while riding at night. So, we had to get them fixed. As we were in the city of bicycles, we were sure we would find a bike shop. We left at 11 am and ended up going to 4 different bike shops to find the part we needed. We managed to find it, although there was no mechanic available to install it. That's why I had to tinker around and in the end it was easy. 

We had a snack at 1 pm and headed to the interstate at about 2:00. The weather in this specific location was really humid, hence, we stopped every now and then to wet our heads and get more liquids. The terrain was much easier than the days before. We pedalled total of 95 Km in _______ hours.

We saw the sea in several cities and when we went by Itajaí - SC, which is a port city full of trucks, there was so much dust we couldn't see anything. And it was by far the most polluted area we went by. 

We indulged ourselves with a sea food dinner in front of the beach, we deserve it.

Não devemos celebrar antes de alcançar os resultados. Quero dizer que nós estamos perto de terminar esta viagem.
Como resultado de chegar em Joinville tão tarde, nós fomos dormir as 4 horas da manhã após um maravilhoso jantar e um bom banho. 

A propósito, nós nunca falamos sobre o quão sujos ficávamos após pedalar o dia inteiro na rodovia, acreditem ficávamos imundos.

Minha marcha dianteira foi danificada enquanto pedalávamos à noite. Então, nós tivemos que consertá-las. Como estávamos na cidade das bicicletas, nós estávamos certos de que acharíamos uma loja de bicicleta. Nos saímos 11h da manhã e fomos em 4 lojas diferentes de bicicletas para encontrarmos a parte que precisávamos. Conseguimos encontrar, embora não houvesse mecânico disponível para instalá-la. É por isso que eu tive que mexer e no final foi fácil.

Nós fizemos um lanche 1h da tarde e fomos para a rodovia por volta das 2h da tarde. O clima neste lugar em específico estava realmente úmido, por isso, nós paramos de vez em quando para molhar a cabeça e consumir mais líquido. O terreno era muito mais fácil do que nos dias anteriores. Nós pedalamos um total de 95 km em 4 h 37 minutos. Nós vimos o mar em várias cidades e quando nós estávamos em Itajaí - SC, que é uma cidade portuária cheia de caminhões, havia tanta poeira que nós não enxergávamos nada. Esta foi de longe a área mais poluída que passamos.

Nos fartamos com um jantar de frutos do mar em frente à praia, nós merecemos!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

São Paulo - Florianópolis, day 3 & 4 / dia 3 e 4

The longest days of our journey have passed, at least, we think so.

On day 3 we rode 132.2 in 9:25, of which 75 Km were uphill, from Cajati - SP to Jaguatirica - PR.  We had to wet our heads every 20 minutes due to the heat which was unbearble. Riding non stop for many hours in the middle of nowhere. No lunch to eat in the middle of the hill.  But plenty of coconut water.

Plus, 4 flat tires to make us happier than ever. We managed to figure out the cause of our bad luck, the little wires we were finding were actually the  truck tire structure. Better avoid them from now on. Of course I will swear and curse at the truck drivers who left the busted tires in the middle of the road.

There were, of course, pleasant moments too. This awesome waterfall pouring chilly water ritght when we most needed it.

Finally, we stopped at a gas station hotel after having searched for an hour. At least, it was cheap.
Finalmente, paramos em um hotel de beira de estrada após procurarmos por mais de uma hora. Pelo menos, era barato.

Day 4

Day 4 was as tiring as day 3, not because of going up hill after hill but because of the distance we covered, which happens to be our new record.

We knew it would be a long way to arrive in Joinville - SC, what we couldn't imagine was the time we would arrive. We left at 10 am from Jaguatirica and arrived at 11 pm. We rode 169.3 Km in 9:36. There were many hills but not nearly as bad as the day before.

We stopped for a good lunch at a steak house, mainly because it was where we had our first flat tire of the day. We only had the patched tubes we had fixed when we were leaving the hotel. The tube we put was still leaking, bummer. We changed it again, that was why we decided to take a break and have lunch. I discovered you need to pump them 150 times to get a decent pressure.

 The hardest part was riding in the dark.

Os dias mais longos de nossa jornada passaram, pelo menos é o que achamos.

No terceiro dia nós rodamos 132,2 em 9:25, dos quais 75 Km foram em subidas, de Cajati - SP até Jaguatirica - PR. Tivemos que molhar nossas cabeças a cada vinte minutos devido ao calor insuportável. Pedalamos sem parar por horas a fio no meio do nada. Sem almoço para comer no meio da serra, mas havia fartura de água de coco.

Além disso, tivemos 4 pneus furados para nos deixar mais felizes do que nunca. Conseguimos sacar a causa do nosso azar, os arames que encontrávamos na verdade eram da estrutura dos pneus de caminhões. O melhor a fazer é evitá-los de agora em diante. Claro que eu xingarei e amaldiçoarei  os motoristas de caminhão que deixaram os restos de pneu na rodovia.

Houveram, com certeza, momentos prazerosos também. Essa maravilhosa cachoeira despejando água gelada no momento que nós mais precisávamos dela.

Quarto dia

O quarto dia foi tão cansativo quanto o terceiro, não pelas constantes subidas, mas pela distância percorrida, que é, por acaso, o nosso novo recorde. 

Sabíamos que seria um longo caminho até a chegada em Joinville - SC, o que não conseguíamos imaginar era a hora que chegaríamos. Partimos as 10:00 de Jaguatirica e chegamos as 23:00. Pedalamos 169,3 Km em 9:36. Haviam muitas subidas, mas nem de longe tão intensas quanto do dia anterior.

Nós paramos para um bom almoço em uma churrascaria, pelo motivo de força maior de ser o primeiro pneu furado do dia.  Nós só tinhamos as camaras que haviamos consertado quando partimos do hotel. A camara que colocamos ainda vazava, que chato. Trocamos novamente. Foi por isso que resolvemos dar uma pausa e almoçar. Descobri que deve-se bombar 150 vezes para obter uma pressão satisfatória. 

O mais difícil foi pedalar no escuro. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

São Paulo - Florianópolis, day 2 / dia 2

We woke up to a lovely flat tire. Actually, the day was beautiful and breakfast was plentiful. Thanks for asking. At 9 we checked out

Afterward, we changed the tube in front of the hotel while many curious people asking us where we were going with our fancy bikes. If only he knew what a fancy bike cost, he wouldn't have said that. By the way, the bikes we used are 14 times cheaper than the 10 pound bikes made of carbon fiber. They are good enough for the trip we are doing though. So, we used the finger print technique to spot if there were any sharp object to puncture the tube again. There was this tiny wire. We removed it and took advantage to clean the tire which had been exposed to fresh pavement and tiny stones. We put it together and went to the gas station to fill it up.

At the gas station we set the pressure to 65.  So, there we are, ready to start and in less than a minute we hear a boom. Second flat tire of the day. Gotta love changing tires.

Finally on the road, after wasting an hour, we noticed the third flat tire. This time we double checked and we discovered the location of the hole. It was not on an ordinary place, it was on the inside, next to the rim. That made us clean everything, in order to be sure that no stone  (logical conclusion) had been left. We used some cloth.

It was soooooo  pleasant to change the tube again. But, relax there was only one more flat tire today. We noticed it when we were stopped for snack at a gas station. After that we stayed for lunch. It was hot and we waited until 3:30 to leave.

Today our total distance wasn't nearly as good as yesterday. 75 Km today in 3:25 (pedaling length)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

São Paulo - Florianopolis, day 1 / dia 1

The big day has finally arrived. We had planned to be on the road at 6:30, however, we only hit the road at 7:10. Needless to say, I hardly slept and Luciene not much more than me.

Leaving São Paulo was easy as pie, when we realized we were breathing fresh air, better than the one inside town, in spite of the truck's pollution and all the dust. It is definitely a lot, our clothes and skin were all painted black.

The first stop of 4 was to get a snack and to kill our thirst. It was 3 hours after we had left. We stopped at the rescue for water, not only to drink but to throw fresh water on the heads, at a coconut water vendor and lunch at a horrible gas station which had loads of fancy signs on the interstate, making us think it was any good, it wasn't at all.

Traffic was heavy, we got to see the same drivers over and over. For our surprise the truck drivers were very kind. One of them even gave us passage on a narrow bridge.

And now for the skeptics, a little facts.
Total distance: 152,15 Km
Total riding length: 7:58
Total length: 12 hours.
Hotel expense: R$ 80,00
Total liquid consumption: Davi - 7.5, Luciene - 6 liters

It was great day. One where we beat our records. Getting ready for tomorrow.

O grande dia finalmente chegou. Nós tínhamos planejado estar na estrada as 6:30 da manhã, no entanto, pegamos a estrada as 7:10. É desnecessário dizer, que quase não dormi e Luciene não mais do que eu.

Sair de são paulo foi moleza, quando percebemos estávamos respirando ar puro, melhor do que o da cidade, apesar da poluição dos caminhões e da sujeira. Definitivamente bastante, nossas roupas e pele estavam pintadas de preto.

A primeira parada de 4 foi para fazer um lanche e matar a sede. Passavam de 3 horas desde a nossa partida. Uma parada no resgate para água, não somente para beber, mas para jogar em nossas cabeças, no vendedor de água de coco e almoço em posto de gasolina péssimo, que tinha mais de uma dúzia de placas à européia, passando a impressão de que seria bom, mas não era.

O trânsito estava pesado, nós vimos os mesmos caminhoneiros várias vezes. Para a nossa surpresa, os caminhoneiros foram cordiais, um deles nos deu passagem numa ponte estreita.

E para os céticos, alguns números.
Distância total: 152.15 Km.
Tempo total pedalando: 7:58
Tempo total: 12 horas
Custo do hotel: R$80
Consumo total de líquidos: Davi - 7.5, Luciene - 6 litros.

Foi um ótimo dia. Um no qual batemos nossos recordes. Prepando para amanhã.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Not only greener, but also cheaper and more fit. Não somente mais verde, mas também mais barato e mais saudável.

I have already spoken about the multiple benefits of riding a bike instead of the other options. I would like to bring more on that.  

Eu já havia falado sobre os múltiplos beneficios de andar de bike ao invés das outras opções. Eu gostaria de trazer mais sobre isso.

Automobile: 95 % of the energy used is for the car, while only 5 % goes to moving the passenger.

Bicycle: 17 % of the expended energy moves the bike, 83 % moves the human.

Automóvel: 95% da energia usada para mover o carro e apenas 5% vai para mover o passageiro.

Bicicleta: 17% da energia gerada é usada para mover a bicicleta e 83% para mover o humano.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2 to go.

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I have already traveled on a bike, just that the other times I didn't really go that far. The furthest I went, back when I experimented with going from one city to another, was 60 km. It is not meant to be easy, it won't be impossible to do all the 700 Km. I can only fear for what I'm not prepared. That's why this week has been a little stressful to me, figuring out what I actually need and what doesn't make a difference.

The bikes have just returned from Total Bike Brasil. They are nice and smooth. Great bike shop service and I know we are on track with the preparation for the trip with another checklist item crossed out. I've got myself a camel back for proper hydration.

Traveling with a tent is another issue that we have realized to be necessary because of the many small towns we'll cross where we were not able to contact these hotels/hostiles and book or at least check if they exist. So be it, carrying an extra Kg. 

After a lot of thought, we decided to go with the  drainage systems sneakers to cope with water, our other option was using waterproof boots. Soon enough I will be able to tell you more about that. I hope it was a wise choice.

I haven't been able to sleep, out of sheer anxiety most likely. I hope that now, after packing 2 days in advance, I manage to get some rest.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Do I get a certificate?

How many times have you been to a bike shop? How many times for simple maintenance, things that you could have done or might have done badly if you did indeed do them. There are so many fine tunings to get your bike rolling well. 

That's why I attended a short course on bike maintenance, nothing that advanced as I don't claim to be a pro in any way, I just love to ride my bicycle everywhere. It was however very helpful to discover simple technics like checking the tires with your fingers to see if there was anything sharp which could flatten my tire right after I had fixed the tubes. Other basics such as fixing the chains and getting the gears and brakes all finely tuned. 

In the end of the course, I think I should have learnt more advanced settings, such as adjusting the spokes, cassette, crankset and dealing with the fork crown/headset. Thus, I should take it as a starting point. One that I knew something already, it's hard to come across a cyclist who hasn't changed a tube because of a flat tire. I have had all kinds of tough moments during my rides. It hasn't been greater than the pleasure I got from riding my bike though. 

Therefore, I stand more confident knowing that I am a step closer to complete my first long distance tour. Broken chain, you frighten me no more.

Ps. Contrary to the title, I do not believe at all that a certificate is more important than the knowledge of what you pursue. Certificates might burn, knowledge has the power to change the world.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let's have fun across the country?

Many people think you have to be a “cycling nut” in order to ride your bike across an entire city, state, or country. But the truth is, most bicycle travelers are normal people like you and me. With just a small amount of training and the right information, you can complete your first bike tour with relative ease

Preparativos e a viagem em si. / I'll be posting about the preparation and the trip.

E a cada dia que passa fica mais próximo o desafio de atravessar 700 Km. Simplesmente para provar que é possível ou convencer a população em geral que é um prazer e não um fardo pedalar para qualquer lugar.
Contamos com o auxilio da Total Bike Brasil para preparar as nossas bikes. 

Everyday brings us closer to the challenge of crossing 700 Km. Just to say we can do it or to convince people it is a pleasure and not a burden to go cycling everywhere.
We were assisted Total Bike Brasil who prepped are bikes. 

Porque andar de bike para qualquer lugar. (Cycling Everywhere)

Porque a vida é muito curta para ficar preso no transito. Quando você sai de casa de manha, é bem provável que você fique preso no transito e se sinta ainda mais estressado por isso. Não só isso, mas também temos que pensar em todas as consequências negativas que isso traz para a natureza e a sociedade. Além disso, chegando no trabalho, um lugar que você fica sentado o dia inteiro, ficando cada vez mais fatigado.

O propósito deste blog é ajudar a promover os benefícios associados a andar de bicicleta na maioria dos lugares. Algo que não tem sido difícil para esse blogeiro e também um imenso prazer enquanto que permite a quem quer que escolha fazer o mesmo se sentir mais saudável e mais disposto diariamente. Compartilhando experiencias e aprendendo de todas as experiencias de bicicleta possíveis de vocês caros leitores. 

Claro que há aspectos negativos em se andar de bicicleta, por exemplo, chegar molhado de chuva ou suor no trabalho. No entanto, há soluções para superar a maioria dos empecilhos que um ciclista pode encarar. E é por isso que a troca de ideias é tão importante e interessante para todos nós amantes da bicicleta. 

É por isso que eu te chamo para se unir a revolução das duas rodas e viver uma vida mais feliz, menos estressante e mais saudável como um todo. Uma vida mais saudável não somente é melhor para você, mas também te permite ter um humor e condicionamento melhores. Sejamos felizes e amemos nossos corpos, assim como um ao outro.

Espero que possamos curtir todo o compartilhamento e experiencias que encaramos sobre duas rodas


It always comes down to price vs quality.

Why Cycling Everywhere?

Because life is too short to be stuck in traffic. When you leave home in the morning, it's very likely you are going to get stuck in traffic and feel even more stressed about it. Not only that but also we have to think about all the negative consequences that this brings to both, nature and society. Furthermore, getting to work, a place where you will be seated all day long, and getting more and more burnout.

The purpose of this blog is to help show the associated benefits of riding a bike to go to most places. Something which has not been difficult for this blogger and has also been a huge pleasure while allowing whoever decides to  do the same to feel healthier and more willing on a daily basis. Sharing experiences and learning every meaningful cycling experience possible from you dear readers.

Sure there are negative aspects of riding a bike, hence, getting wet in the rain or sweaty on the way to work. Nevertheless, there are solutions to overcome most of the drawbacks which a cyclist might face. And that's why this exchange of ideas is so important and interesting for all of us bike lovers.

That's why I hereby call you to join the revolution on two wheels and live a happier life, less stress more fit and able to make a difference to both environment and society as a whole. A healthier life is not only better for you but also allows you to have a better mood and conditioning. Let's be happy and love our bodies and one another.

I hope we can enjoy all the sharing and experiences we come by on two wheels.

Yours truly Davi.